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Your website, which includes all the services and support is available at an amazingly LOW COST. NO CATCHES or HIDDEN CHARGES, JUST AN AMAZING  LOW COST. It doesn't cost the earth to have a website and website hosting with Sovereign Solutions UK Ltd.

We offer first class customer service and advice. Everything is explained so you understand how things work and why search engine optimisation and website optimisation is important. We get you ranked with the leading search engine on a local level to enable you to reduce your local advertising costs to an absolute minimum.

Some expensive websites are invisible because nobody can find them!

We help you improve your search engine rankings and get your website ranked as high as possible within your budget, particularly with local advertising and often on the first or second page of leading search engine's. For a small fee, we do all the research, amend your website accordingly and GET YOU RANKED. It doesn't cost the earth, and is probably the most important thing you can do to get higher search engine rankings. 

There are no hidden charges. In addition to the website, there are other charges for basic search engine optimisation, basic website optimisation, setting up webmail, domain name purchase, search engine submissions and website activation. This is around £50, depending on the level of search engine optimisation  and website optimisation required. All charges are discussed and agreed in advance. There are no hidden charges and we work within your agreed budget.

Additional search engine optimisation and website optimisation to improve search engine rankings on a national or global level can be carried out but are subject to additional charges. These are discussed before any work commences.

We always work within your available budget.


We provide bespoke websites which can be bold and eye catching, or giving an impression of refined elegance, or a combination of both, depending on your budget, needs or requirements.

A few examples of the ways in which pictures or photos can be presented on your website:

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